Indigenous Research

Certificate in Indigenous Research

  • Level 4
  • 36 weeks
  • No fees

Programme overview:

Are you involved in research and want to work safely and positively with indigenous peoples and tangata whenua? Do you want to learn how to carry out research for your own people?

In this programme you'll get an introduction to indigenous research skills. Contribute meaningfully to your community and society by finding answers to questions that need to be asked. Prepare yourself for work or the research requirements of any other qualification.

You'll learn about:

  • Māori and indigenous research/research issues
  • cultural aspects of indigenous groups and how these relate to research
  • guiding research principles based on Māori/indigenous cultural aspects
  • western and indigenous research, and how western research practice affects Māori research today
  • how to apply āhuatanga and tikanga Māori to an informal research activity

You'll know how to:

  • recognise and describe indigenous research concepts, tools and frameworks at an introductory level
  • apply indigenous research concepts to a research activity
  • frame a research question
  • apply appropriate research tools

Where will this take me?

I want to keep studying

Apply to enter into our Diploma in Te Arataki Manu Kōrero (Level 5); Bachelor of Māori Advancement; Diploma in Iwi Marine and Freshwater Studies (Level 6)

I want to use my qualification

With skills at this level you can start researching for your hapū, iwi or marae. You could take on community research or work in social policy.

How you'll study:

This programme uses a mixed-mode delivery that includes:

  • noho marae
  • tutorials
  • online learning

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