NZ Certificate in Forest Industry Foundation Skills

Establishment & Silviculture

  • Level 2
  • 22 weeks
  • No fees

Programme overview:

Our pine forests aren't just left to grow on their own - they need workers to plant and maintain them by knowing which trees to remove and which ones need to be left to grow.

This nationally recognised qualification provides the foundation skills you need to plant and tend forests. You'll learn both in the classroom and out in the bush, where you'll get some real experience working with other forestry professionals.

You'll learn about:

  • general safety requirements in a forest operation
  • safe practices when working at vegetation fires
  • plantation forest establishment (planting, fertilising and releasing)
  • silviculture operations (pruning and thinning).

You'll know how to:

  • establish pine forest plantations
  • demonstrate knowledge of the use of agrichemicals
  • demonstrate knowledge of fertilising plantation trees
  • select plantation trees for commercial forestry operations
  • plant plantation trees
  • prune plantation trees under supervision.

Where will this take me?

I want to keep studying

Continue your study in forestry with our level 3 NZ Certificate in Forest Harvesting Operations.

I want to use my qualification

You'll be ready to apply for entry-level forestry work undertaking planting or pruning activities in a commercial forestry operation.

Entry criteria:

  • attend an interview
  • complete a pre-entry and assessment
  • complete a fitness assessment
  • consent to ongoing drug testing throughout the programme.
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