Enrolment Notification
Saturday, November 18, 2017


Read the Terms and Conditions of Enrolment carefully before signing this declaration.

I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions of Enrolment.

I understand that if material information is withheld or information provided by me is subsequently found to be false or inaccurate, my enrolment may be cancelled.

I understand that completing this enrolment form does not guarantee a place on the programme until I receive an acceptance letter from Te Wānanga o Aotearoa confirming that I have met the eligibility criteria.


Office use only Application Acceptance Section

Kaiako Interviewer Section

Programme Name:
Preferred class time:
Kaiako name:


Evidence attached (Academic Records/Record of Learning)
Yes / No

Checklist attached where compulsory

Delivery Site Administration Section

Internal programme code:
Site Administrator’s name:



For Level 1 & 2

Complete this section only for Level 1 & 2 (excluding TARM and ESOL) programmes:

 Tauira aware of Level 1 & 2 eligibility

 Qualifications on NZQF checked

 Other programme options discussed



Take 2 Enrolment Section

MOE code:
Student Registry Officer’s name:

Start Date:
Finish Date:
Student ID number:

Student Registry - Te Puna Mātauranga Use Only Enrolment Verified and Checked in Take2

Tauira Coordinator’s signature



Compulsory Interview Checklist to be completed with Kaiako and kept in rohe tauira file

Tauira Name:
Student ID No (if known):


The kaiako will ensure that the applicant is fully informed of the following:

 The Kaupapa of Te Wānanga o Aotearoa
 Enrolment Terms and Conditions

Programme Information

 Programme overview, content & resources

 Contains TWoA units and/or NZQA units

 Refer to programme specific entry requirements (pre-test, vetting) if applicable

 Pathways into other study / employment

 Programme start and end dates

 Hours of learning per week (Self-directed and Directed learning hours)

 Noho marae/off-site activities

 Expectations & attendance requirements

 Fees payment (if applicable)

 Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), Cross Credit (CC) and Credit Transfer (CT) (Fees apply)

 Use of Literacy and Numeracy Assessment Tool for level 1-3 programmes (and some level 4)

 Advise applicant of when confirmation of enrolment will occur


 Evidence of identity including legal name, DOB, citizenship / residency

 Enrolment in one full-time programme per year (excluding Mahi Toa, Papa Whairawa, Papa Ako, Papa Kupu)

 Applicant to check eligibility with StudyLink

 Applicant to advise Work and Income of study (benefits may be affected)

Youth Guarantee and Level One & Two (except ESOL & TARM)

 No other NZQF qualifications at level 2 or above

15 to 18 years - refer to Rangatahi Enrolment Procedures

 Under 16 MoE Exemption required

 Under 18 on fee paying programme needs Parental Consent Form

 Under 16 years (refer Guidelines)

Why do you want to do this programme?




What are your future goals (employment, community contribution, whānau)?




Please write what programme pathways were discussed.




Applicant to complete

I understand that all programmes are subject to confirmation of availability.

I understand the information presented to me.

I have received the Terms and Conditions of Enrolment.

Applicant’s Signature:



Office use only
Kaiako to complete

Name of TWoA kaimahi who met with the applicant:





Referral may be to another kaiako or RAC (see notes below)


Declaration of relationship to applicant:

 No relationship

 Yes I have a relationship

If yes, please complete the “Kaiako - Tauira Declaration of Relationship form.

Kaiako Name:




 Referred to Student Support Advisor

Any additional comments:



1. Where kaiako is not available, another kaimahi can be authorised to undertake the tauira interview process.