Disability Support

Disability Support includes support for those with permanent as well as temporary conditions. To get Disability Support, you will need to provide proof of your disability, unless you suffer from a mobility disability and are confined to a wheelchair or other aide. You must provide proof, such as a letter from your doctor or other community health provider outlining your disability.

Support may include:

  • Reader/Writers
  • Provision for Support Workers
  • New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) Interpreters
  • Assistance for the Sight Impaired
  • Referrals to appropriate service providers.

Please contact your local Student Support Advisor for further assistance.

Disability Support Services

Ministry of Health – Disability Services

The Ministry’s aim is that disabled people are able to live in their homes and participate in their communities as other New Zealanders do.

Weka Disability Information

Provides information for people with disabilities, their whānau (families), and caregivers, health professionals and disability information providers.

Support Groups

Provides over 80 listings of health and disability support groups in New Zealand.

Head Injuries

The Brain Injury Society of New Zealand

Provides information, advocacy and support to people with brain injury and their whānau (families).

Support for the Blind

Royal New Zealand Foundation for the Blind

The Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind is New Zealand's primary provider of vision-related services to blind, deaf-blind and vision-impaired people.

The Association of Blind Citizens

Advocates on behalf of our members and blind and vision impaired New Zealanders.

Support for the Deaf

The Deaf Association of New Zealand

Focuses on promoting awareness of, access to and advancement of New Zealand Sign Language – to help strengthen the rights of Deaf people and give them the confidence to be an active part of society.

The Sign Language Interpreters Association of New Zealand Inc. (SLIANZ)

SLIANZ recognises New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) as the indigenous language of the New Zealand Deaf community and respects the diversity of communication modes and cultural orientations of all consumers of the interpreting service.

The National Foundation for the Deaf

Focuses on breaking down barriers for people with hearing loss. They promote the appreciation of good sound and encourage all New Zealanders to protect and preserve their hearing.

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