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Te Wānanga o Aotearoa has a policy and process for tauira to make formal complaints.

Definition of a complaint

Our tauira complaints policy defines a complaint as:

“any type of problem, concern or grievance about TWoA or the TWoA environment. Tauira may also make a complaint about a matter relating to any aspect of their studies or journey at TWoA. This may include but is not limited to bullying, discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment or victimisation.

(N.B. There are a couple of issues the tauira complaints policy does not apply to. See below.)

Try and talk it through first...

If you are disappointed with some part of your journey at TWoA we encourage you to talk to the kaimahi (staff) concerned. Our kaimahi want you, our tauira, to have the best possible experience with us and welcome opportunities to talk through and resolve any issues you’re having.

If you’re not sure which kaimahi you should talk to about your particular issue – or you’d like some more guidance - please contact your local Student Support advisors or the Student Support National Team – contact details below.

Making a formal complaint

If you’ve tried talking the issue through with the kaimahi concerned and are still not satisfied with the situation you may make a formal complaint via our tauira complaints process (you may go straight to the tauira complaints process if you wish).

You need to make your complaint on the appropriate tauira complaints form, either:

Individual Tauira Complaints form; or

Group Tauira Complaints Form (for two or more complainants)

If you need help or advice to access the form or fill it in please contact your local Student Support advisors or the Student Support National Team.

Click the link below for a flowchart showing the tauira complaints process and also, to review our Tauira Complaints policy:

The Tauira Complaints Process

The Tauira Complaints Policy

Tauira Complaint Appeals

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your complaint you may formally appeal the outcome by completing and submitting the Tauira Complaints Appeal Form:

Tauira Complaints Appeal Form

This form must be submitted no later than 20 working days of the date of the letter informing you of the outcome of your complaint.

Please be aware the appeals enquiry process does not reinvestigate the complaint. The focus of the process is to determine if the complaint was dealt with fairly and thoroughly by TWoA.  If the enquiry finds significant grounds to indicate the complaint was not dealt with fairly and thoroughly the original complaint outcome will be reviewed and may be revised.

Issues the tauira complaints policy doesn’t apply to:

Educational Review

If you want to request a review of a decision made on education matters relating to your studies, you need to complete and submit an Application for an Educational Review form Education Review matters include:

  • Admission to programmes
  • Cross credits
  • Credit transfer
  • Assessment results
  • Award of qualifications
  • Compassionate consideration applications
  • Alleged educational dishonesty or other breach of behaviour expectations
  • Any other decision that is included in Tikanga Ako (Educational Regulations).

Educational Appeal

If you disagree with an Education Review decision you need to complete and submit an Application for Educational Appeal form.

(Please note an Education Appeal Form must be received by TWoA within 10 working days of the date of notification of the education review decision.)

For help with tauira complaints...

You can reach your local Student Support advisors or the Student Support National team in Hamilton on the TWoA 0800 355 553 number or by email:

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