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Learn the basics of Māori art design. You will cover various elements of Māori art, such as line, tone, texture, colour, shape and form. Over three days, you will be given an opportunity to complete four credits towards your ncea as well as future māori art courses.


  • This course takes place one day per week over three weeks.


  • $161 (incl. GST)

Unit Standards:

  • 2580 – Explain design elements used to generate Māori art design (Level 2, Credits 4)

Future Career Opportunities:

  • Practising artist
  • Cultural art educator
  • Stage, theatre, television

Where to from here?

  • Māori Art Design
  • Kāwai Raupapa - Introduction to (Māori) Art Level 3
  • Toi Paematua - Diploma in Māori Art Level 5