STAR Whakairo

You will gain a basic understanding of te ao Māori cultural concepts through whakairo.

There are four unit standards that you can complete but it is not compulsory to do all four. We do recommended that they are completed in sequence if you are going to do more than one. Each unit standard is run one day per week over five weeks.

Unit Standards:

23009 - Identify and apply Māori art conventions, design elements and principles to explore whakairo (Level 2, 5 Credits)
23010 - 
Generate, develop and refine visual ideas in whakairo (Level 2, 5 Credits)
23011 - 
Demonstrate knowledge of whakairo production for meaning, intention, function and an artist’s methodologies (Level 2, 5 Credits)
23012 - 
Demonstrate knowledge of function and significance to explore the value of whakairo (Level 2, 5 Credits)

Future Career Opportunities:

  • Artist
  • Restoration
  • Cultural art educator

Where to from here?

Cost: To be confirmed.

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