Rongoā Māori

Certificate in Rongoā Māori

  • Level 4
  • 38 weeks
  • No fees

Programme overview:

Would you like to become a kaitiaki of our medicinal plants and connect with the mātauranga of our tūpuna to address the wellness needs of today?

This programme introduces you to the species and uses of indigenous plants that can support wellness. It gives you the insight and understanding to know, appreciate, and respect rongoā but not yet use it or advise others on how to use it - that will take further study to do safely.

Start to learn the prized body of knowledge that is traditional Māori medicine: Rongoā Māori.

You'll learn about:

  • origins, cultural principles, and practices surrounding indigenous plant species, health and medicinal applications
  • identification and classification of rongoā species
  • health and safety
  • kaitiakitanga as it relates to rongoā
  • researching a Hauora/Oranga organisation.

You'll know how to:

  • explain the relationship between hauora and rongoā
  • share the origins of rongoā Māori from Atua Māori
  • use the appropriate karakia to rongoā Māori
  • explain the history of rongoā before and after colonisation
  • understand cautions and safety surrounding the use of rongoā.

Where will this take me?

I want to keep studying

Extend your understanding of health and wellness with our other hauora programmes.

I want to use my qualification

You'll be ready to take on entry level work in hauora, oranga, public health or social services.

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