Diploma in Rongoā

  • Level 5
  • 38 weeks - full-time
  • No fees

Programme overview:

Here's your opportunity to take your current knowledge of rongoā to an advanced level by further developing your skills in our diploma programme. You'll deepen your understanding of rongoā Māori history and practices, and advance your knowledge and understanding by exploring the essence of the natural environment.

Become a kaitiaki of rongoā for future generations, supported by a nationally recognised qualification. 

When you pass this programme, you'll get this qualification:

  • Te Pōkairua Tikanga (Rongoā) Kaupae 5 - New Zealand Diploma in Tikanga (Rongoā) Level 5

You'll learn about:

  • analysing rongoā models
  • WAI262 claim and how it influences rongoā Māori practice
  • rangahau (research)
  • preparing rongoā within a specific kaupapa
  • using te reo Māori to communicate tikanga practices
  • critiquing karakia and takutaku
  • applying your knowledge of tikanga concepts to the practice of rongoā

How you'll study:

This is a full-time programme that consists of 120 credits delivered over 38 weeks. Throughout the programme you will be required to attend:

  • 1 x kura whakaako - compulsory classes (3 hours per week)
  • 8 x noho marae (23 hours per noho)
  • 4 x 1-day wānanga (9 hours per wānanga)

You'll also need to complete learning activities designed to enhance your learning for:

  • approximately 25 hours per week

Tauira will need to engage in the Te Wānanga o Aotearoa digital platform I-Akoranga throughout the programme. Internet access and a digital device is needed to enhance the tauira learning experience.

In some locations this programme may be provided by an approved sub-contract arrangement.

You'll be able to:

  • research, apply and evaluate cultural concepts that foster the development of existing and emerging mātauranga, to advance mana ao tūroa
  • articulate te reo to communicate tikanga practice and concepts, to advance mana reo
  • apply practical and theoretical knowledge of tikanga concepts and practices, in some familiar and unfamiliar environmental settings, as an expression of mana whenua
  • select standard and non-standard processes to develop a range of Māori leadership attributes and principles that applies to tikanga, as an expression of mana tangata

This qualification is for people who wish to develop in-depth knowledge of tikanga within a specialist field, founded on a Māori world view.

Graduates of this qualification will have a broad range of knowledge and skills to self-manage, and contribute to tikanga practice within defined contexts.

Graduates of this qualification will be able to take responsibility to self-manage their own learning and performance. They will be able to apply knowledge fundamental to tikanga practice, within a chosen field of work, or study, and across the community in general.

Entry criteria:

To enrol in this programme, a potential student must:

  • be a New Zealand citizen (or citizen of Australia, Tokelau, Niue, Cook Islands) or permanent resident
  • reside in New Zealand
  • have completed a Level 4 qualification in rongoā, and have a NZ Certificate in Tikanga Level 4, or 100 hours of rongoā practice approved by a rongoā practitioner affiliated to Te Kāhui Rongoā or a rongoā practitioner recognised by hapū/iwi
  • attend an interview

Where will this take me

I want to keep studying

You can apply to enrol on He Waka Hiringa - Master of Applied Indigenous Knowledge Level 9.

I want to use my qualification

Use your skills to help your whānau and our communities. You might be able to advise local and regional agencies seeking to broaden their knowledge base in kaupapa Māori principles and practices.

Kōnae Ako (Learning Modules):

Mana Reo | 30 Credits

Articulate te reo to communicate tikanga practices to advance mana reo. Critique karakia and takutaku to communicate tikanga practices to advance mana reo. He rangahau i ngā pūkōrero o ngā tūpuna (Range - pūrakau, mōteatea, oriori). 

Mana Tangata | 30 Credits

Analyse rongoā models as an expression of mana tangata. Apply knowledge of rongoā practices as an expression of mana tangata. Analyse the application of rongoā toa known medical condition and its symptoms.  

Mana Whenua | 30 Credits

Integrate knowledge and tikanga within environmental settings as an expression of mana whenua. Apply practical and theoretical knowledge of tikanga-ā-iwi concepts within the environmental setting. Analyse the services offered within a hauora organisation.  

Mana Ao Tūroa | 30 Credits

Rangahau the requirements to set up a rongoā practice to be proficient in mana ao tūroa. Rangahau Te Whakaputanga, Te Tiriti o Waitangi and WAI262 and evaluate its implications for the kaupapa of rongoā. Rangahau and prepare rongoā within a specific kaupapa. 

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