Te Hapūtanga o te Ao Tikanga

  • Level 5
  • 36 weeks
  • No fees

Programme overview:

Following on from level 4, this programme continues to develop your understanding of the tikanga protocols and cultural practices relating to your specialised strand. You'll advance your technical and practical skills of tikanga in its proper context.

You'll learn about:

  • the ability to critically consider the thinking behind tikanga and its many applications in Te Ao Māori and the modern world
  • an operational ability to manage and apply the tikanga in a range of diverse contexts including leadership, problem solving and rangahau
  • an in-depth knowledge of tikanga protocols and cultural practices that provide solutions to modern day problems.

Where will this take me?

I want to keep studying

You can continue on to the level 6 programme, Te Whānautanga o te Ao Tikanga.

I want to use my qualification

Specialising in a specific tikanga practice will enable you to identify and apply tikanga in that practice and compare to its application in other practices.

How you'll study:

This is a full-time programme that consists of 120 credits. Throughout the programme you will be required to attend:

  • 8 x noho marae (25 hours)

It is important to note that activity directed learning will also need to be completed outside of class time, amounting to approximately 28 hours per week.

Workload: For each credit, allow about 10 hours of study. This may be higher at certain times throughout the programme.

Entry criteria

  • a Level 4 qualification in tikanga, or relevant experience
  • attend an interview or information session.
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