Welcome to the Ahikōmako landing page. This page was set up to provide historical reference information about this centre and its programmes, and to field any enquiries related to them.

1. Ahikōmako – Igniting Māori Business Success

Ahikōmako was a Māori Business and Entrepreneurship Centre that hosted a range of short course business education programmes. We are maintaining the related domain names list below, which have all been pointed to this landing page.

Ahikōmako programmes that did not have dedicated websites include Startup Wānanga, Maui’s Den (for Rangatahi), and Te Maapura. These programmes were all designed to ignite the fire of entrepreneurship for Māori. The Ahikōmako Business Centre also provided a co-working space and offices between 2019-2023. The centre closed in September 2023.


3. Kōkiri – Accelerating Māori Entrepreneurs

Kōkiri was a Māori Business Accelerator Programme that took up to 10 teams per intake from 2019-2023. The 12-week programme was used to help Māori Entrepreneurs and Businesses with an existing business (or idea) that had great scaling possibilities to help find product-market fit and become investment ready. The last year of the programme ran in 2023.


4. Digital Marae – Connecting marae to the World

Digital Marae was an education programme designed to help marae trustees learn how to best use the digital connectivity package provided by the Government due to Covid. The programme ran from mid-2020 to August 2021.


5. Kanorau – Connecting Whānau to the World

Kanorau Digital was a nationwide digital skills programme helping whānau learn foundation digital skills to thrive in a modern age. The programme ran from October 2020 and finished on 31 December 2022.



TWoA made the decision to close the Ahikōmako centre and retire its Programmes on September 2023 to realign resources to support strategic priorities.

For any enquiries, please contact: comms@twoa.ac.nz.

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