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Last updated Wednesday 2 February, 2022.

All students must receive and agree to the following information.

Proof of Identity

To qualify as a domestic student and to be entitled to the government tuition subsidy, you must be a citizen of New Zealand (including students from the Cook Islands, Tokelau or Niue), or you must prove that you are a permanent resident of New Zealand, or a citizen or permanent resident of Australia residing in New Zealand for the required period.

To enrol as a domestic student you must provide one of these documents as evidence of citizenship or permanent residency:

  • Birth Certificate with place of birth in New Zealand, Cook Islands, Tokelau or Niue
  • New Zealand or Australian passport
  • An active and verified NSI (National Student Index) Number
  • Statement of Whakapapa including date of birth signed by a Kaumatua if you’re over 60 years old
  • Certificate of Citizenship
  • Overseas passport with permanent residence visa
  • MOE Exemption for Under 16 years

If you have supplied an active and verified NSI number, you are considered the legitimate owner of the claimed identity.

Your name, date of birth and residency as written on the enrolment form will be included in the National Student Index and used in an authorised information matching programme with the NZ Birth Register. For further information visit www.nsi.govt.nz.

Certified Copies of Documents

You can bring in original identification documents to one of our sites to be certified or you can send us certified copies with your completed enrolment form. You will need to copy your identification and have it certified. A certified copy is a photocopy of your original document, signed as being a true and accurate copy by a Justice of the Peace, a solicitor, a court registrar, or authorised TWoA staff.

Under 18 Years of Age

If you are under 18 years old and wish to enrol in one of our fee-paying programmes, you will need to provide a fully signed parental or legal guardian consent form. This form is available from Student Registry. If you wish for your parent or legal guardian to request information from us relating to you on your behalf, please ensure you state this in the form. By completing the form and providing those details to us, you consent to TWoA using that person’s details to contact you when TWoA is unable to contact you directly.

Next of Kin/Alternative Contact Details

By completing the name and number for your next of kin, we will contact that person in the event of an emergency and/or when TWoA is unable to contact you directly.

Our Disability Services

By completing information relating to any disabilities, you consent to our Tauira Disability Services team contacting you to provide assistance and discuss your needs and support that we can offer. Alternatively, if you would like to directly request this service, please contact the Tauira Services Centre before you start your studies to arrange an appointment to discuss your needs and to confirm that the support you require is available. Please bring your medical verification regarding your long-term injury, illness, or disability to your appointment.

Services offered: advice and assistance, reader/writers, provision for Support Workers, New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) interpreters, assistance for students who are blind or have low vision, referrals to appropriate service providers. View our disability services for more information.

Eligibility for Student Loans & Allowances

TWoA takes no responsibility for your entitlements with StudyLink. You are responsible to check if you are entitled to Loans & Allowances through Studylink directly before you enrol. For more information visit www.studylink.govt.nz.


If course fees apply, they are available on www.twoa.ac.nz or from Student Registry. By completing and signing this enrolment form you agree to pay all fees within the required time frames in accordance with our fee policy and failing to pay as required, you will be responsible to pay for any charges associated with debt recovery. You can view our policies on fees, withdrawals and refunds online or contact Student Registry for more information.

TWoA reserves the right to withhold acceptance of your enrolment for failure to pay fees and we are able to enforce our policy of paying fees or withhold a refund for a withdrawal at the discretion of TWoA.

Academic Records

Academic records and certificates will be issued to you once all fees have been paid in full and/or outstanding books or materials have been returned. TWoA reserves the right to access and verify your academic records if required for marketing purposes.

Government Fees Free Eligibility

It is your responsibility to determine whether you are eligible for the government’s Fees Free initiative. Once we receive confirmation that you meet the criteria we will process your enrolment accordingly. You must ensure you have read and understood the terms for Fees Free before completing and submitting this enrolment form. We will provide you with some information and a letter which will outline any obligations we have to you.

To find out if you are eligible for Fees Free study, please go to www.feesfree.govt.nz.


To be eligible for a refund you will need to withdraw before the cut-off date for early withdrawal. You can then receive a refund but will not have academic results entered. For more information view our policies on refunds online.


If you withdraw from a programme after the cut-off date you will not receive a refund and are liable for outstanding fees. Your results will be entered on your academic record and NZQA units recorded. The following are the cut-off dates and deadlines for the processing of early withdrawals:

  • 36-40 weeks: 20 working days after the start date
  • 18-20 weeks (except noho): 10 working days after the start date
  • 18 or 24 weeks (noho based): 15 working days after the start date
  • 52 weeks Home based Learning programmes: 26 working days after the start date
  • 36 weeks Home based Learning programmes: 18 working days after the start date

For more information on withdrawals from a programme please refer to our Educational Regulations Tikanga Ako Policy.


If you are accepted into a programme of study with TWoA, you will be subject to any applicable Tauira policies and procedures. Copies of these can be obtained from the TWoA regulations website page or upon request. By completing and submitting this enrolment form, you agree to make yourself familiar with and abide by The Tauira policies and procedures. You also agree to comply with the TWoA Expectations of Behaviour set out in the TWoA Educational Regulations Tikanga Ako Policy as well as the TWoA Ngā Uara (values) and understand that inconsistent behaviour may result in TWoA refusing to permit entry into, suspending, or cancelling your enrolment in a programme of study.

Digital Systems

By completing and submitting this enrolment form, you agree to comply with the delivery and use of our Learning Management Systems; the terms of use on those platforms; to comply with our Digital Tikanga; and to follow kaiako instructions in order to create a safe online digital environment. You agree to respect the privacy of other students in class and on digital learning platforms. You agree to follow any instructions specific to that programme and the delivery of the programme.

You also agree to enter into any agreements or complete all forms relating to any devices or equipment loaned to you for use during your enrolment and accept that device or equipment will remain the property of TWoA and you must comply with the terms and conditions of that loan.

View our policies online for more information.

Criminal Convictions

You agree and accept that TWoA may require you (if applicable to your programme acceptance requirements) to consent to a Police Check to allow TWoA to verify your conviction history and any sentences or punishments imposed. For certain programmes in Social Services, Primary Teaching and Adult Education, a Police Check is mandatory (e.g. Children’s Workers programmes under the Children’s Act 2014) as specific criminal convictions will preclude a student from being able to undertake and complete practical components. Failure to provide consent for a Police Check, irrespective of whether mandatory under the law, may result in TWoA refusing to permit your entry into, suspending, or cancelling your enrolment in a programme of study. If you have any questions or concerns about the potential impact of a criminal record or pending charge, you should contact Student Registry.

Smoke-free Environment

TWoA is committed to providing a safe and healthy work and learning environment and has a Smoke-free policy. Smoking is not permitted on TWoA premises, unless there is a designated area.

Privacy Information

By completing and submitting this enrolment form, you hereby accept the terms and conditions of how TWoA uses, stores and releases your personal information in accordance with our privacy statement.

Tauira Support Services

By completing and submitting this enrolment form you accept the terms and conditions of enrolment of how TWoA uses your information for the purpose of providing a targeted learning experience to suit your needs including creating a personalised support plan and providing other student support services tailored to the information you provide.

In addition to our privacy statement we will also use your information to contact you for other third-party support services such as counselling and IT and digital equipment support.

If you do not provide the personal information as and when requested, TWoA may be unable to enrol you, or deliver certain services to you.

Electronic Messages

By completing and submitting this Application for Enrolment form you agree to receive electronic messages from TWoA including surveys, marketing materials and third-party goods and services.

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