Pae Kouka

Beyond the boundary

Pae Kouka speaks of a space outside the Pātūwatawata - palisades.

Through the eyes of our Tāura Mokemoke (kaumatua), their eyesight is tested by time and distance. Silhouettes gathering beyond the fence line are likened to that of the Kōuka tree.

Knowing that things are influencing our very existence. Yet not quite clear enough to solidify the stand.

Thrown into turmoil through fear and theories, clashing governing forces and free will.

Friend or foe unbeknown, a space of clashing perspectives.

Venue: Whirikoka Campus (December 2021).

Ngā Tamariki a Tangaroa

Artist: Amanda Rutherford

Iwi: Tauiwi

Title: Ngā Tamariki a Tangaroa

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Gathering of kaimoana is an integral part of Māori life mai rā nau. It entails a mutual respect for Tangaroa and his children for the provision of kaimoana. This piece is my storytale interpretation based on a story from Witi Ihimaera’s autobiography ‘Māori Boy’, which talks of the joy and delight of whānau gathering kai together from the rocky shore. It shows the importance of caring for the ocean, and the way in which this care is passed on


Artist: Merle Walker

Iwi: Ngāti Porou, Te Whānau a Apanui

Title: Pāua

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

This depicts the story of how Pāua got his colours from the storybook ‘Tangaroa’s Gift’ by Mere Whanga published in 1990.

He Ao Turoa a Ahua Tini

Artist: Merle Walker

Iwi: Ngāti Porou, Te Whānau a Apanui

Title: He Ao Tūroa a Āhua Tini

Medium: Ink pen on paper

Ngāhere. Worlds away, and disconnection from the Ngāhere during COVID Level 4 lockdown. Ngāhere is a world creation of what I was missing at the time, and not being able to listen to ngā manu or connect with the environment at will.

He Tai 2021

Artist: Jody Tūpara

Iwi: Te Whānau a Kai, Te Whakatōhea

Title: Huna ana Tōna Hōkai

Medium: Acrylic and oil on canvas

(Hidden footprints) expresses the untold story of how diverse our whakapapa can be, and our mixed backgrounds


Artist: Karen Newman

Iwi: Ngāti Porou

Title: Mahuika

Medium: Harakeke, dye, corn husks, cotton

The fire of Mahuika i tōna kōroria katoa.

Te Makawe o Waimatau-Tarapouahi

Artist: Janine Dunn

Iwi: Te Aitinga a Mahaki

Title: Te Makawe o Waimatau-Tarapouahi

Medium: Muka, pōkinkini, dye

Waimatau Rimaha, my Fathers’ aunty always wore her long hair in plaits. The only time we would see her crinkled hair was when she washed and brushed it.


Artist: Samuel Brown

Iwi: Ngāti Patuwhare

Title: Hāmokorau - Wheku

Medium: Tōtara


Artist: Rutene Maxwell

Iwi: Ngai Tai

Title: Pūtātara

Medium: Shell, matai wood, horse hair, jute string, pāua shell

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